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“The relationship between the kids are amazing.  They love each other and make sure they say ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ which most adults can’t even do.  The level of equality and inclusion is great.”

–Allison and Luigi, Pre-K parents

The time your teachers take to do special projects with the kids – like all of the creative hand and footprints.  That’s a lot to take on, but oh so very much appreciated.”

– Laurie, Infant and Toddler parent

“Family atmosphere.  I feel like I’m dropping my kids at an Aunt’s house.” – Miriam, Infant and Toddler parent

“I feel at home dropping my son off and picking him up from school.”

– Michele, 3 Year Old parent

“The way the school communicates events via email and letters to home and how nice and comfortable the teachers are.”

– Tania, 3 Year Old parent

It is very clear to anyone who walks through that the adults love the children and love what they do.  They are always friendly and have a smile on their faces – even on the tough days.” 

– Kate, Infant parent

“This is my third and last child to attend.  I am heartbroken that I won’t continue to deal with this school.  They treat you like family!” – Joey, Pre-K2 parent


“I love the curriculum and structure.”

– Danielle, Pre-K parent

“The school’s greatest quality is the variety of projects and activities and they engage my child.” – Larry, Pre-K1 parent

“They keep your child excited to learn and engaged with activities.”

– Latoya, Toddler parent

“Very friendly teachers.  Hard working and responsible teachers.  They take very good care of the kids.  The kids always look clean and happy.”

– Bernice, Pre-Toddler parent

“Friendly staff and very educational.  The children feel safe and are learning so much.”

– Karen, Pre-K1 parent

“Some of the staff really feels like family and helped Jonathan really progress from where he was when he started as a 3 year old verbally and socially.  I feel people really know and care for my son and communication is great.”

– Before and After Care parent

“The staff.  You can see that they love children and are always giving feedback.”

– Krystal, Toddler parent

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