Children learn well when they are mentally active, engaged, social, and can make meaningful connections to their lives, which are all characteristics of play.  Neuroscientists have found that play activates the brain in meaningful ways that rote memorization, testing, worksheets, and traditional classroom techniques do not. They reenact experiences to solidify understanding.


- Circle Time- performed daily at 9am

- Small Group- one on one with teacher

- Center Play- where imagination and learning collide

- Whole Group- learning together

- Phonics Focus- sounds, site words and writing

- Movement and Recess- physical play

- Art- getting creative

- Fine Motor- pre-writing and stregnth



- Dramatic Play

- Science and Math

- Art, Writing and Playdough 

- Literacy

- Sensory

- Large Motor (toddlers)



Communication with the Progress of your child has never been so thorough.  Our teachers have assessemnts to perform in their lesson plans.  Each child receives a protfolio binder that allows us to share your childs progress through the school year.  The assessment also is their protflio which shares photos of your child learning through play in different centers.