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Learning Wall

Our first job of the day.. 

We do our basic skills during Learning Wall.  Learning wall is very important because the lessons we teach during this time are the development foundations for learning our other lessons. Our learning wall consists of saluting our flag, morning song, alphabet, letters, numbers, colors, shapes, calendar, days of the week, months of the year, name recognition, classroom rules, class jobs (weekly), what we are doing today.


We develop children handwriting  with every lesson we do.  Our children are encouraged to write their names at the very beginning of school.  Our curriculum compliments a great preparation method for the beginning stages of writing.  We start by tracing lines in similar directions, to our letters. As we master our letters, we continue our skill building in writing 2-3-4 letter words.  Our main priority is to develop the children's confidence in handwriting. 


Language is a very broad subject for early childcare.  As language develops in the infant stages, we start to speak to the babies in full words and avoid baby talk and nonsense words.  We sing songs, read stories, use simple talk, and show them pictures  Our toddler stage learns language through visuals, flashcards, letter sounds, and instructed activities, and learning games.  3 year olds and Pre-k are challenged with letter sounds,  conversating & sight words.


Math is an important aspect to learning.  In our infant class, we talk to the babies about their numbers  during everyday procedure.  We Sing songs and read stories.  Our toddlers learn math through using busy bags.  Busy bags are math activities developed for a low student to teacher ratio.    Our 3 yr olds and Pre-K class learn number meaning, recognition, grouping, patterns, simple addition, measuring, odd and even etc.


Art is the most valuable way to express creativity in each child.  Not only is it a fun part of the day, but it has many values to strengthening your children's hand dexterity, increase fine motor skills, and touch their creative thinking.  Collaging, pasting, using different materials, painting and constructing are just a touch of the different ways children can learn art.   Art is displayed in the classroom to give children a sense of ownership .

Story time

Our story time stretches into a bigger picture.  We love reading books to the children to get their imaginations rolling, but that's not where we stop.  Children need to visualize stories as well, our program gives the kids wonder by using puppets, felt board stories, story gloves, dramatic play and reading extra large books for a spectacular visual.  Children are also asked questions about the stories which will trigger their imagination.


Music for children should be fun.  We like to encourage movement with our music.  We demonstrate music through finger plays,  singing songs, using instruments and dancing to different songs from around the world, different dancing styles, and also silly songs to spark imagination.  Our school intrigues children's knowledge with music by Yosi.  Yosi comes 3 times a year and shows the children instruments from around the world.

Phys. Ed

Children need physical activities early in life to  stay active and fit.  We encourage physical activity for 30 minutes daily above our normal outdoor recess time.  Our physical activities are teacher directed games and activities, such as simon says, relay races, and much more.  We use hula hoops, jumping rope, bean bags, parachutes, tunnels, dramatic play and musical  direction for  enhancing our physical education activities.  

Station Time

Our classroom stations for freeplay consists of dramatic play, math, me and my world, library, music, blocks, people play, puzzles, table toys, handwriting, and  manipulative.  Station time during our day is when children get to have free choice of where they would like to go in the classroom.  We encourage responsibility and respect for our classroom by cleaning up our station before switching to the next choice.

Outdoor Play

Our outdoor area is designed for children to "run free" making their own choices of how they would like to play with their friends.  We offer lots of fun activities for the children to do outdoors.  Our teachers are located on all corners of the playground during outdoor play time to encourage safe play and cooperative friendship.  Each school has a large jungle gym with slides, look out holes and steering wheels for imaginative play.

Me & My World

Me and my world portion of the daily schedule consists of subjects from health, science and geography.  We  learn a broad amount of different things during me and my world.  From volcanoes to our beating hearts and fossils to Abraham Lincoln.  Our teachers use lots of creativity to teach me and my world to the children.  We use art, songs, visuals, and hands on activities .  Our school encourages me and my world for all age groups.  


Lessons for our daily schedule consists of learning our basic skills.  In the beginning of the year we teach the children colors and shapes.  As the year progresses, the children start to develop stronger skills and we encourage them to use the colors to make different colors, make patterns and group items of the same color.  Our teachers then do the similar type of lesson with shapes.  Towards the end of our school year the children are tested.

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